Frequently Asked Questions

Find below answers to some of the frequently asked questions by users.

Can I use a free download item for commercial work?

If you are using the template or theme for commerical work or for a client, we require you to get a premium license instead of downloading the free version. Only in case of your personal work, you may choose to go with the free version, however you must keep the credit to in that case.

If I purchase a license, do I get a reciept?

Yes, purchase of items happens through our partners Paddle or Gumroad. Our payment partner provides you a receipt upon purchase as well as assosciate the purchased item with your e-mail id. You can download the reciept as well as your purchased item as soon as you make the purchase and also through e-mail confirmation that you recieve.

Is support provided when I buy a premium license for an item?

Yes, we provide support via e-mail. You can get in touch with us using our support form with your query. Please make sure to use the same e-mail that you use to buy the item for us.

What is included in support?

We provide support for item not working as expected or failing to load properly in applications/browser. Please note that support request does not mean we will help you customize, change the content or the look of the template/item for free. We recommend you to hire a freelance developer/designer if you need customization of the template and are unable to edit it yourself.

Do you provide customization work or client services?

Unfortunately No. Due to our focus on providing best quality templates and themes, we are unable to provide customization works or custom template/themes at this time. However if you have a suggestion for a template or theme that you would want to see on this site, do send it to us.

Can I re-sell or re-distribute your items on my site?

Absolutely not! Re-selling and re-ditribution of our items without any modification is strictly prohibited and illegal. However, you can purchase an extended license which allows you to incoprate our items in items that you sell.

You are free to list our template/themes on your site and clearly mention our site as the source. In such case you also need to point a link to the corresponding item from our site for download. You cannot charge users while doing so.

Can I list or recommend your item on my site?

Yes, we do encourage you to recommend our item on your site as long as you link bank to the product page on our site for download and purchasing the item.

I have other questions that were not listed here

Please get in touch using our contact form and we will be happy to resolve your query.