Templates Updated to Latest Bootstrap Stable

It has been some time since Bootstrap moved forward to the next version which is 5, however it is still in beta at time of writing this (9th Jan, 2021). This also means that Bootstrap has put it's version 4 to latest stable version which as of now is Bootstrap 4.5.0.

Since all our current templates were built with Bootstrap 4, we have boosted their version to Bootstrap 4.5.0. You can download the new version from our site. If you purchased a license of the template then you can re-download using the download URL in your purchase confirmation e-mail to get the latest version of the template. Let us know if you need us to send your purchase email again.

You can access the docs for Bootstrap 4.5.0 if you need it.

If you are already using the earlier version of our template, it is not needed to update to the latest version unless you want to use any of the features introduced in Bootstrap 4.5.0.

Going forward, we will be building new templates with the Bootstrap 5 version. There are many new changes in this new release and you can read all about the changes in my article on Bootstrap 5 vs Bootstrap 4. Largely, this involves breaking changes hence we are not updating the current templates to Bootstrap 5 as of now. However this may change in future.

Note that Bootstrap 5 has removed support for IE 10 and 11, hence we will be following similar suit for our new templates.

If you need templates based on any other frameworks such as Tailwind or Bulma. Do let us known.

You can follow us on @templateflip for staying up-to-date with latest updates.

Happy New Year!

Kanishk Kunal

Kanishk Kunal
Kanishk is a Software Engineer turned Online Entrepreneur who has created many successful apps and websites. He devotes most of his time punching his keyboard and swiping his smartphone. Follow him on Twitter @kanishkkunal